Poem - By Lynn Collins -


Step back step back and take a look,
And read another horror book,
War and power, evil and greed,
No money for poor, no food to feed.

Step back this time and have a think,
Whats putting our world on the brink,
The power that rules,
That takes us for fools,
It fills us with lies,
And hides all the cries,
of the poor and the lost,
Their not worth the cost

Step back once more,
And open the door,
To that mind in your head,
Thats being 'programmed' and fed,
For we are the puppets on the string,
What they say is right - Do everything!

Its time to wake up,
And open our eyes,
To the greed and deceit,
The power and lies

Step foward
Step foward to a perfect world,
Filled with pure peace, love and caring,
Where all is equal,
A place of sharing.

Cease the power
Cease the evil
Cease the greed
Cease the 'programming'
Cease the hunger, war and pain
Cease the lies the corrupt the deceit.

Now step into Wikitopia!

Lynn Collins - 14th June 2008

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