Lynn S Comments

Hi there!
Ive just spent the day relaxing here and imagining this wikitopia!
I guess I can have lots of ideas but actually figuring out how they can be done is a whole other matter.

I would imagine that there should be one standard of living for every human being.
There would be no inferior or superior.
Everyone would be in the same 'class'
There would be no poverty but also no riches
Just simply an equal standard.

Also we have been 'programmed' for centuries to believe that suffering and poverty in the world can never be solved.
That is one form of 'programming' that needs to end.

Also perhaps technology should be used to decrease the amount of work required from humans.
Perhaps robots could take over some of the workload so that humans wouldnt have to be stressed so much working long hours.

(of course I dont mean robots that will take over the world!!)

Money!! Now people work hard for money that only stays in their possesion a short while! If they buy posessions that they wish for,
they rarely get to enjoy them as their lives are taken over with work. So if robots were involved people would have a lot more time to enjoy this planet
and perhaps appreciate it more.

And finally children should be able to enjoy life more. I think children are treated more like work and hassle nowadays and that is sad.
Their innocence is lost in this world but many years ago this wasnt the case. So I think that children should be allowed a certain freedom.
A freedom to make certain decisions without the interference of their parents or world. And all cultures should be liberated not inhibited.

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